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 What does CPDT-KA mean? Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed is awarded to a person who has passed an exam sponsored by the  Council for the Certification of Professional Dog Trainers  (CCPDT)  and is a  certified positive reinforcement trainer. The CCPDT was started in 1999 to create a baseline of knowledge that could be measured and used as a regulatory organization in an otherwise unregulated profession.

I am also a member of The Association of Professorial Dog Trainers and International Association of Canine Professionals. So why does that matter? Those are the associations where I go for continuing education units, and exposure to the highly acclaimed experts in our profession.

And how does that effect you the dog owner? You can rest assured my trainings are science based, fear free, dog training. I have studied and acquired learning theory which simply put is how dogs learn.



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